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Photoshoot VOGUE NY

21ST AUG2012

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Liquid Lab NYC is revolutionizing the traditional method of cocktail making and turning it into a 21st century brand of mixology. Liquid Lab NYC has the distinction of being the first in its field to offer exciting new services of their own invention. The company's home-base, in the ever present Williamsburg, Brooklyn, gives the team hands on access to the finest local Earth couture ingredients and equipment while developing cutting edge techniques to create unique recipes and experiences. Offering Molecular Mixology, Artisanal/Prohibition-era Cocktails and Health inspired Cocktail Concepts allows Liquid Lab NYC to be the leader for innovation in mixology.

Parker Boase

Coming from a southern family with a culinary background, and a passion for the service industry, the art of craft cocktails and mixology was an easy fit. After working in restaurants for most of his teenage years, he eventually found himself behind the bar and never turned back. He has since worked at several well-known Manhattan establishments and continues to hone his craft.

Gregory Lucas

Starting his bartending/mixology career as a teenager in Manhattan, has worked for some of the most prestigious bars/clubs/hotels in the industry. SPA. Hiro, High Bar and opening PH-D at the Dream Downtown just to name a few. Furthering his education and knowledge of the industry he studied Operation Business Management with a focus on Food & Beverage Operations at NYU.


With the expertise and extensive background in the cocktail/mixology industry, the team at LiquidLab NYC can turn your next special occasion into an unforgettable event. Customizing a menu that is specific to you and your guests needs is one of the many attributes that keeps Liquid Lab NYC the best in the cocktail catering industry. Contact us to find out more about menus, themes and customization options. Be sure to check out our galleries under past events!

Want to learn about your favorite cocktails in a fun and interactive environment? Liquid Lab NYC has you covered! Mixology classes are not only great for groups, special occasions and private parties but have also garnered attention as a tool for team building events for major companies like McKinsey and Co and Yahoo. featured one of Liquid Lab NYC's mixology classes in a 2012 national commercial campaign.

Designing your businesses cocktail menu, setting up a full bar-program from liquor carried to staffing and POS system training are just a few of the services LiquidLab NYC's consulting expertise can provide. Our designer cocktails can be seen at the Dream Hotel's Ava Lounge, The Bar and Inc Lounge at the Time Hotel NYC. Liquid Lab NYC has also consulted and created bar programs for various event/bar spaces in the past year.